Powersports Tuning Software

Take HP Tuners Beyond the Pavement
Powersports Tuning Support is Here.

Take diagnostics and calibration beyond the pavement with HP Tuners’ new Powersports support for BRP and Polaris vehicles. The advanced capabilities of our MPVI3 tool and VCM Suite give you the power to unleash more off-road performance and run complete diagnostics on your ride. Troubleshoot codes, make advanced calibrations, monitor your performance, and more with our user-friendly and cost-effective tools.

From start to finish and beyond, HP Tuners is the ultimate solution.

Powersports Diagnostic and Calibration Support Features and Benefits:

  • Get access to more and better-defined parameters than our competitors with VCM Editor.
  • Experience the quickest read and write times for BRP applications—50% faster on average—compared to our competitors with VCM Suite.
  • Get tailored solutions for remote tune delivery with our Tune Delivery Network (TDN), available for BRP and Polaris vehicles.
  • Monitor your performance and collect data with state-of-the-art data logging and scanning capabilities using VCM Scanner.
  • Connect, read, edit, and write directly through your diagnostic port with our BRP and Polaris-specific OBDII Adapter Cables.
  • Do it all with VCM Suite—custom tune for more power (more boost), adjust speed limiters, and adjust torque management and driver demand tables for increased throttle response with full control over air, fuel, and spark.
  • Save time and money with the ability to license and edit every HP Tuners-supported vehicle in your garage with a single MPVI2/2+/3 device and Universal Credits—tune your UTV, your truck, and your track car.
  • HP Tuners offers 3rd party wideband sensors that can be wired in using Pro Link+ and PFS for data logging with VCM Scanner so you can have eyes on all your vehicle’s vitals.

Get Ready to Adventure with Can-Am and Sea-Doo Tuning Support

With BRP, it’s about your journey, whether you’re on the trails or the water. With HP Tuners, it’s about making your journey even more thrilling and memorable. Our complete diagnostic and calibration solutions for Can-Am vehicles and Sea-Doo watercraft give you the tools to turn up the power and make your driving experience the best it can be.

HP Tuners’ BRP support includes the Can-Am vehicles fitted with the Bosch ME 17.8.5-type ECM, like the Commander, Maverick and Defender Side by Sides, the Traxter, Outlander, and Renegade ATVs, and most models of Sea-Doo personal watercraft.

Before you start your next journey, all BRP vehicles require our OBDII Adapter Cable for tuning using our MPVI2/2+ device and VCM Suite software.

Check out the complete list of supported BRP – Can-Am vehicles and Sea-Doo watercraft below.

BRP (Powersports)
Year Model Type Single Vehicle GM or Universal Credits
11-215 Can-Am Commander (2) tdn 4
13-205 Can-Am Maverick (all models) (2) tdn 4
21-225 Can-Am Maverick (*except Turbo RR) (2) tdn 4
16-215 Can-Am Defender (2) tdn 4
16-215 Can-Am Traxter (2) tdn 4
19-235 Can-Am Outlander 850/1000cc (2) tdn 4
19-235 Can-Am Renegade 850/1000cc (2) tdn 4
19+5 Can-Am Ryker (2) tdn 4
105 Sea-Doo GTX, RXT, Wake PRO 215 (2) tdn 4
115 Sea-Doo GTI, GTS, GTX, RXT, Wake (2) tdn 4
12-215 Sea-Doo (all models) (2) tdn 4
22-235 Switch (all models) (2) tdn 4
Vehicles that are only supported by MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces are identified below by a (2) after the vehicle model type.
5Note: BRP Powersports vehicle require an OBDII adapter cable

Hit the Trails with Polaris Tuning Support

Adventure and passion are the fundamental drivers of Polaris powersports vehicles. HP Tuners fuels that passion with complete diagnostic and calibration solutions for the industry’s most diverse lineups of side-by-side, ATVs, and sleds—all via the diagnostics port.

Our tuning support extends to Polaris models fitted with the Bosch ME17.9.74 and M17.8.7 ECMs, like the 2014+ Polaris Ranger 1000, 2014+ RZR 1000, and 2023 INDY XC.

We also offer exclusive tuning support for the Polaris MG1 ECM found in the RZR Pro R, RZR 1000, Ranger 1500, and XPEDITION, thanks to our Polaris MG1 ECM Service.

Before you hit the trails or snow, all Polaris powersports vehicles require our OBDII Adapter Cable for ECM tuning using an MPVI2 or newer generation interface and VCM Suite software.

Check out the complete list of supported Polaris vehicles below.

POLARIS (Powersports)
Year Model Type Single Vehicle GM or Universal Credits
14-166 Ace 325 (2) tdn 4
15+6 Ace 570 (2) tdn 4
16+6 Ace 900 (2) tdn 4
16-226 General 1000 (2) tdn 4
246 General (2) tdn 4
11-146 Ranger 800 (2) tdn 4
146 Ranger 570 (2) tdn 4
156 Ranger 1000 (Regular and XP) (2) tdn 4
246 Ranger 1000 (2) tdn 4
156 Ranger 900XP (2) tdn 4
166 Ranger 500 (2) tdn 4
11-146 RZR 800 (2) tdn 4
11-146 RZR 900XP (2) tdn 4
126 RZR 570 (2) tdn 4
146 RZR 1000 (2) tdn 4
246 RZR 1000 (2) tdn 4
146 RZR 900 (2) tdn 4
16-226 RZR Turbo (2) tdn 4
186 RZR RS1 (2) tdn 4
RZR 200 (2) tdn 4
RZR Pro R (2) tdn 4
246 Scrambler 850 (2) tdn 4
Scrambler 1000 (2) tdn 4
146 Sportsman 550 (2) tdn 4
Sportsman 570 (2) tdn 4
156 Sportsman 325 ETX (2) tdn 4
156 Sportsman 1000 (Non-Highlifter) (2) tdn 4
156 Sportsman 850HO (2) tdn 4
156 Sportsman 850XP (2) tdn 4
21-246 Sportsman 850 (2) tdn 4
16-216 Sportsman 1000 Highlifter (2) tdn 4
21-246 Sportsman 1000 (2) tdn 4
16-216 Sportsman 450 (2) tdn 4
236 Titan Adventure 155 (2) tdn 4
236 INDY Adventure (2) tdn 4
236 Voyageur 146 (2) tdn 4
236 INDY XC (2) tdn 4
246 XPEDITION (2) tdn 4
Year Model Type Single Vehicle GM or Universal Credits
20-226 UV34 & UV34XL GAS (Gas) (2) tdn 4

Dominate the Open Road

Unlock your bike’s fullest potential with HP Tuners’ new custom tuning support for Indian Motorcycles. Our custom tuning support extends to the entire fleet of Indian bikes from 2014-2020, including the Chief, Pursuit, Super Chief, and more, all equipped with the ME17 ECM.

All Indian motorcycles require a OBDII Adapter Cable and (4) Universal Credits for licensing using an MPVI2 or newer generation interface.

Check out the complete list of supported Indian motorcycles below.

Year Model Type Single Vehicle GM or Universal Credits
14-206 Challenger (2) 4
14-206 Chief (2) 4
14-206 Chieftain (2) 4
14-206 FTR (2) 4
14-206 Pursuit (2) 4
14-206 Roadmaster (2) 4
14-206 Scout (2) 4
14-206 Springfield (2) 4
14-206 Super Chief (2) 4
14-206 Vintage (2) 4
Vehicles that are only supported by MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces are identified below by a (2) after the vehicle model type.
6Note: Indian Motorcycles/Polaris Powersports vehicles require a Polaris OBDII Adapter Cable.


Our hardware and software are designed to bring vehicles into emissions compliance and maintain compliance over their lifetime. When tuning your Powersports vehicle, take advantage of emission Drive Cycles tests in VCM Scanner (v4.13+), like Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE), SFTP-SC03, and select European Drive Cycles to ensure your compliance and test your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE) – Test your light-duty vehicle’s highway fuel economy rating.

SFTP-SC03 – Test your vehicle’s exhaust emissions and on-road fuel economy rating when using air conditioning (A/C).

European Drive Cycles – European tests for emissions and fuel consumption.


Honda Powersports Just Got Better

Maximize your fun in Honda’s powersports vehicles with a custom tuning and diagnostics solution made for you. Experience more power, torque, and better drivability on and off the road.

HP Tuners’ new tuning support includes Honda’s retro and sport bikes, like the 2014-2021 Grom, 2013-2015 MSX125, and the 2019-2021 Monkey, as well as Honda’s premier SxS machines, the Pioneer and Talon.

To start tuning, grab the required Honda 4-pin or 6-pin OBDII Adapter Cable for your ride, your MPVI2 or newer interface, and the latest version of VCM Suite BETA.

Check out the complete list of supported Honda Powersports vehicles below.

HONDA (Powersports)
Year Model Type Single Vehicle GM or Universal Credits
14-207 GROM (4-pin) (2) 4
217 GROM (6-pin) (2) 4
19-217 Monkey (4-pin) (2) 4
13-157 MSX125 (4-pin) (2) 4
16-227 Pioneer 700 (4-pin) (2) 4
16-227 Pioneer 500 (4-pin) (2) 4
21-227 Pioneer 520 (4-pin) (2) 4
16-217 Pioneer 1000 (4-pin) (2) 4
227 Pioneer 1000 (6-pin) (2) 4
19-207 Talon 1000R (4-pin) (2) 4
21-227 Talon 1000R (6-pin) (2) 4
19-207 Talon 1000X (4-pin) (2) 4
21-227 Talon 1000X (6-pin) (2) 4
Vehicles that are only supported by MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces are identified below by a (2) after the vehicle model type.
7Note: Honda Powersports vehicles require a 4-pin or 6-pin OBDII Adapter Cable.

Tune Delivery Network for Powersports

For professional powersport tuners, our Tune Delivery Network (TDN) is the fastest and easiest way for tuners to share calibration files and access customer information. Invite your customers to your network through the TDN portal to instantly share read files and access datalogs for remote diagnostics. The free TDN app syncs with an RTD/RTD+ or MPVI2/2+ via Bluetooth, removing the laptop for your customers when it comes to licensing and writing tunes for their off-road vehicles.

Why TDN for Powersports Support?

  • iOS and Android app available for free download (iOS compatibility requires RTD+ or MPVI2+).
  • Streamline building your network and delivering tunes to more customers and powersport vehicles.
  • Stock file provider via Tuner Tools can provide stock files with our auto-tune deployment feature via TDN to your customers.
  • Conveniently deploy tunes to your customers’ vehicles remotely.
  • Make it simple by using your phone to hold multiple tune files and flash via Bluetooth.
  • Easily start and stop data logging from your phone with the TDN app.
  • Access restricted to HP Tuners authorized tuners and shops.


The MPVI3 is an OBDII interface that connects VCM Suite to your vehicle’s various control modules. Use it to diagnose, data log, read, license and write calibration to any supported Powersports model.

Configure your MPVI3