Tuning and Diagnostic Support for Jaguar and Land Rover Vehicles

Tuning and Diagnostic Support for
Jaguar and Land Rover Vehicles

Jaguar and Land Rover make some of the most elegant and robust sports cars and SUVs in the world with potential for even more performance and responsiveness on the road or the track. We currently support some of the most popular models, like the supercharged 5.0L F-Types and the supercharged 3.0L Range Rovers. However, our team is continuously adding new support and features for vehicles such as F-Type, XF, and Range Rover to encompass as many Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and parameters as possible.

No matter what performance goals you’re striving for with your Jag or Rover, HP Tuners’ complete solutions give drivers the most access and programming capabilities for ECM tuning and diagnostics. We also offer ZF8 transmission tuning support to adjust parameters like shift points and gear selection.

Jaguar and Land Rover Tuning Features Include:

  • ZF8 transmission tuning support.
  • Read, edit, and write, directly through OBDII port with no need to modify or exchange your PCM.
  • Custom tune flashing and high-speed data logging via the MPVI3 and VCM Suite software .
  • Full control over air, fuel, and spark parameters.

Complete list of supported Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles:

Year Model Type Single Vehicle Universal Credits
13-18 F-Type 5.0L Supercharged (MED17.8.31) (2) 8
13-18 F-Type 3.0L Supercharged (MED17.8.31) (2) 6
13-16 XF 5.0L Supercharged (MED17.8.31) (2) 8
13-18 XF 3.0L Supercharged (MED17.8.31) (2) 6
Year Model Type Single Vehicle Universal Credits
  ZF8HP Transmission Control Module (TCM) (2) 4
Year Model Type Single Vehicle Universal Credits
14-18 Range Rover 5.0L Supercharged (MED17.8.31) (2) 8
14-18 Range Rover 3.0L Supercharged (MED17.8.31) (2) 6
Vehicles that are only supported by MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces are identified below by a (2) after the vehicle model type.


Our hardware and software are designed to bring vehicles into emissions compliance and maintain compliance over their lifetime. When tuning your Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle, take advantage of emission Drive Cycles tests in VCM Scanner (v4.13+), like Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE), SFTP-SC03, and select European Drive Cycles to ensure your compliance and test your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE) – Test your light-duty vehicle’s highway fuel economy rating.

SFTP-SC03 – Test your vehicle’s exhaust emissions and on-road fuel economy rating when using air conditioning (A/C).

European Drive Cycles – European tests for emissions and fuel consumption.

Diagnostics Made Simple with VCM Scanner

VCM Scanner

See a check engine light on your Jag or Land Rover’s dash? Use VCM Scanner to quickly scan diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), view diagnostic data, and officially diagnose the issue—on the go or in the garage. Whether it’s a vacuum or exhaust leak or misfire, VCM Scanner offers the most in-depth look at your Jaguar/Land Rover’s diagnostic data, so know exactly what’s going on under the hood.

Once you’ve fixed the issue, data log your vehicle’s performance in VCM Scanner to verify everything is working as it should.


Take control of your vehicle’s performance and reliability with the new MPVI3 interface by HP Tuners. Use MPVI3 and VCM Suite to data log, scan, read, and write to any supported Jaguar or Land Rover model.

Learn more about MPVI3