Mercedes-Benz Tuning Software

Mercedes-Benz Tuning Software

Whether your Mercedes is Biturbo or naturally aspirated, the VCM Suite tuning software and MPVI3 OBDII Interface give you the power to tune and data log a wide range of Mercedes cars and SUVs. From A45 AMGs to SLS AMGs, we work to support tuners and enthusiasts across the world with our most comprehensive scanning, diagnostic, logging, and calibration solutions.

The HP Tuners engineers work on adding new support and features for vehicles such as the C63, E63, and S63 AMG to encompass as many Mercedes AMG vehicles and parameters as possible. The VCM Suite gives you new levels of access and programming capabilities for the Mercedes platform while our high-speed data logging will ensure you can monitor the vehicle’s vitals and take care of any DTCs that pop up.

Mercedes tuning features include:

  • Read, edit, and write directly through OBDII with no need to modify or exchange your PCM.
  • Custom tune flashing and data logging via the MPVI3 and VCM Suite software.
  • Mercedes AMG coverage, including M156, M157, and M159 engines.
  • International vehicle support.
  • Quick read and flash times.

Complete list of supported Mercedes vehicles:

Year Model Type Single Vehicle Dodge or Universal Credits
13-174 A45 AMG 2.0 (MED17.7.2) (2) tdn 6
19 AMG GT (M178) (MED17.7.5) (2) 8
17 C43 AMG (2) 6
08-15 C63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
15-19 C63 AMG, C63S AMG (M177) tdn 8
11-14 CL550 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
07-10 CL63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
11-144 CL63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
13-174 CLA45 AMG 2.0 (MED17.7.2) (2) tdn 6
07-10 CLK63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
11-18 CLS550 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
07-11 CLS63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
12-184 CLS63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (W218 Only) (2) tdn 6
12-16 E550 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
07-11 E63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
12-164 E63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (W212 Only) (2) tdn 6
19 E63 AMG (M177) (MED17.7.5) (2) 8
12-174 G63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (W463 Only) (2) tdn 6
17-19 G63 AMG (M177) (MED17.7.5) (2) 8
12-144 GL450 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
13-16 GL550 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
12-164 GL63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
13-174 GLA45 AMG 2.0 (MED17.7.2) (2) tdn 6
15-174 GLE63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
16-174 GLS63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
07-11 ML63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
12-154 ML63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
07 R63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
11-17 S550 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
07-10 S63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
11-174 S63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (Pre-Facelift Only) (2) tdn 6
12-18 SL550 (M278) (MED17.7.1/MED17.7.3) (2) tdn 6
12-174 SL63 AMG 5.5 (M157) (MED17.7.3) (2) 6
08-12 SL63 AMG 6.2 (M156) 8
10-15 SLS AMG 6.2 (M159) 8
4Note: Mercedes equipped with MED17.7.2 or MED17.7.3 DO NOT require a PCM Modification. VCM Suite BETA 4.3.233 or newer is required for support.
Vehicles that are only supported by MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces are identified below by a (2) after the vehicle model type.


Our hardware and software are designed to bring vehicles into emissions compliance and maintain compliance over their lifetime. When tuning your Mercedes vehicle, take advantage of emission Drive Cycles tests in VCM Scanner (v4.13+), like Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE), SFTP-SC03, and select European Drive Cycles to ensure your compliance and test your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE) – Test your light-duty vehicle’s highway fuel economy rating.

SFTP-SC03 – Test your vehicle’s exhaust emissions and on-road fuel economy rating when using air conditioning (A/C).

European Drive Cycles – European tests for emissions and fuel consumption.

VCM Suite
VCM Suite

With VCM Editor, you can adjust many complex parameters like torque strategies, spark tables, fueling, RPM limits, fan activations, speedometer settings, and more. Along with Editor VCM Scanner lets you view, chart, and log diagnostic data in real-time via the vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic data port. View and clear vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), command control functions like closed loop, fans, timing, air-fuel ratio, and more all in real-time.

HP Tuners Europe A45 AMG


The HP Tuners European A45 AMG has been built to showcase the capabilities of HP Tuners software and OBDII interfaces. This turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder is pushing over 500hp with supporting modifications for an amazing driving experience.

Check out what had to say about the build.

Build Details:

Mercedes strives to be “the best or nothing”, so why not give your AMG the best diagnostic and calibration tool on the market with HP Tuners?

We brought Alex Peitz to Blackdog Speed Shop to work on four Mercedes models including a C63S, a pair of E63s, and a CLA45 to perform full custom dyno tunes. With an MPVI2, MPVI2+, or MPVI3 interface, these vehicles can be licensed with Credits, allowing for a full range of adjustments, optimization, calibration, and diagnosis with VCM Suite.


Take control of your vehicle’s performance and reliability with the new MPVI3 interface by HP Tuners. Use MPVI3 and VCM Suite to data log, scan, read, and write to any supported Mercedes model.

Learn more about MPVI3