Pro Feature Set for MPVI2 and MPVI2+


Pro Feature Set for MPVI2 and MPVI2+ enables pro features, including the use of the latest sensor input/output hardware from HP Tuners with PROLINK and PROLINK+.

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What are Pro features?


Only need 1 to 3 inputs with your interface? PROLINK/PROLINK+ is the best solution for you, allowing 2x analog input signals and 1x CAN bus input signal simultaneously.

MPVI2 works with PROLINK.

MPVI2+ and MPVI3 work with PROLINK+.

*MPVI3 is now standard with Pro Feature Set. No additional purchase is necessary to use PROLINK+.

Standalone Data Logging


Standalone Data Logging lets you log directly to your HP Tuners interface’s internal storage without being tethered to a laptop, making it easier than ever to collect data while driving.

Record your vehicle’s data on the go with a press of a button or pre-set start/stop triggers. Then, at your convenience, evaluate and customize start/stop conditions right on your PC or laptop. To learn how to set up triggers and record and access logs, download the Standalone Logging User Guide.

This feature is available as a free update for all MPVI2 and MPVI2+ interfaces with Pro Feature Set. Currently, most controllers supported by VCM Scanner are available for Standalone Data Logging, please contact support for compatibility questions.

Pro Feature Set can also be purchased from your MY ACCOUNT and MY DEVICES page here.