Tuning and Diagnostic Support for Subaru Vehicles

Tuning and Diagnostic Support for Subaru Vehicles

Looking to tune your favorite Subie? HP Tuners’ VCM Suite software and flagship OBDII interface give you the power to tune and data log your Subaru directly through its OBDII port. Whether it’s a fun streetcar, a modified show car, or a dedicated track build, our tools can help you dial in your build.

We currently support some of the enthusiast community’s favorite models, including the Forester 2.5L turbo EJ25, Impreza WRX, and Impreza WRX STI. However, our engineering team is constantly adding new support so keep an eye out for more supported Subaru models.

HP Tuners’ VCM Suite tuning software, made up of VCM Scanner and VCM Editor, offers access and programming capabilities for our Subaru lineup. Modify a massive range of defined parameters to create a custom tune, write it to your vehicle in just seconds, and start data logging. You can also use your HP Tuners interface as a diagnostic tool to scan your vehicle when that check engine light pops up, standalone data log, and more. Don’t miss out on the most advanced and safe tuning software for your Subie from HP Tuners!

Subaru Tuning Features Include:

  • No Lift Shift and Launch Control options for optimum performance.
  • More customization compared with common off-the-shelf stage 1 or stage 2 tunes.
  • Read, edit, and write custom tunes directly through the OBDII port with no need to modify or exchange your Subaru’s ECU.
  • Custom tune flashing and high-speed data logging via the MPVI3 and VCM Suite software.
  • All Subaru models require an MPVI2, MPVI2+, or MPVI3 interface for support.

Complete list of supported Subaru vehicles:

Year Model Type Single Vehicle Universal Credits
08-20 STI (2) 4
08-14 WRX (2) 4
08-12 Forester 2.5L Turbo (EJ25 Only) (2) 4
Vehicles that are only supported by MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces are identified below by a (2) after the vehicle model type.


Our hardware and software are designed to bring vehicles into emissions compliance and maintain compliance over their lifetime. When tuning your Subaru vehicle, take advantage of emission Drive Cycles tests in VCM Scanner (v4.13+), like Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE), SFTP-SC03, and select European Drive Cycles to ensure your compliance and test your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Highway Fuel Economy (HWFE) – Test your light-duty vehicle’s highway fuel economy rating.

SFTP-SC03 – Test your vehicle’s exhaust emissions and on-road fuel economy rating when using air conditioning (A/C).

European Drive Cycles – European tests for emissions and fuel consumption.


Record Your Next Track Day

Upcoming track day with your Subie? Record it all with the TrackAddict app, available for Android and iOS devices. Use your phone’s camera and GPS to record video of your laps while your HP Tuners interface logs all your vehicle and performance data—from lap times, acceleration and RPMs, throttle position, engine temps, and so much more. Then, polish off your track day footage in RaceRender, our video + data overlay software available for Windows and macOS.


Take control of your vehicle’s performance and reliability with the new MPVI3 interface by HP Tuners. Use MPVI3 and VCM Suite to data log, scan, read, and write to any supported Subaru model.

Learn more about MPVI3