Beta testing program


Help us deploy our newest vehicle tuning support by joining HP Tuners’ official BETA Testing Program.


Our BETA testing program is designed to give enthusiasts around the globe an opportunity to help complete our newest vehicle tuning support using their own vehicles. If selected to participate, you will work one-on-one with an authorized dealer or an HP Tuners engineer to complete the BETA testing.

To apply, you and your vehicle must meet our criteria. After filling out the form with vehicle photos included, you will be contacted directly to set up the BETA testing.


Hex one

Create an HP Tuners account.

Hex two

Apply for the program. You must include details of your vehicle and an image of its control module and label. You’ll receive a confirmation email after submitting the form.

Hex three

If chosen, you’ll work with an authorized HP Tuners dealer or engineer to complete the BETA testing.



  • You must be at least 18 years or older.

  • You must have a valid driver’s license.

  • You must have good standing with HP Tuners and the use of our hardware, software, and services.

Applicant’s Vehicle

  • The vehicle must start, run, and drive normally. Mechanical issues of any sort will not be accepted for BETA testing.

  • The vehicle’s powertrain cannot be modified in any way. We also cannot accept tuned vehicles. No exceptions.

  • Your vehicle must have a fully functional control module (ECU/ECM/PCM). It cannot have broken tabs, fire or water damage, or internal damage of any kind. No exceptions.

Why Join HP Tuners BETA Testing Program?

  • Be a critical part of helping HP Tuners push out our newest vehicle support.

  • If selected, you’ll receive a reward for your time and the use of your vehicle.


Our BETA testing program is the last phase of software testing before going to market with new vehicle tuning support. Our process works by testing our latest vehicle support on your vehicle using VCM Suite BETA and our newest generation OBDII interface.

This process requires our team to connect to your vehicle via the OBDII port and test VCM Scanner and VCM Editor software for any bugs and/or firmware issues. This also includes reading/writing to your vehicle.

If your vehicle is selected, you will be contacted directly by HP Tuners using the contact information entered in the application form. Submitting the application form does not guarantee that your vehicle will be selected for this program.

After successfully submitting your application, you will immediately receive an email (from the email address entered in the form) informing you that your application was received.

Please understand that this does not mean your vehicle was selected for BETA testing. Submitting the form and receiving this confirmation email simply informs you that your application was received by HP Tuners.

An authorized HP Tuners dealer near you or an HP Tuners engineer. This will be determined based on your location.

Your vehicle’s powertrain must be completely stock/unmodified to participate in this BETA testing program. HP Tuners cannot accept tuned vehicles and vehicles with a modified powertrain.

If your vehicle has aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension for example (non-powertrain modifications), that is acceptable.

If your vehicle is selected, you will be rewarded for your time and the use of your vehicle. After the BETA testing is complete, you will receive your very own HP Tuners OBDII interface to keep and an HP Tuners swag pack filled with merch.

We aim to complete the BETA testing process within a few hours. However, this varies based on the platform.

To fully test the functionality of our new vehicle support in VCM Suite, we must read and write to your vehicle’s control module. Because of this, most vehicle manufacturers would likely void a powertrain warranty. If you want to keep your warranty, this program may not be for you at this time. If your vehicle does not have a warranty, this will not impact you.

You can opt-out of HP Tuners’ best testing program at any time by emailing If you want to apply again, you can do so at any time.

If you own multiple vehicles, you can fill out multiple applications.

For further questions and information about this vehicle BETA testing program, please submit a ticket with your question(s).