OBDII Adapter Cable – Polaris


Turn up the power on your Polaris Side by Side or ATV with HP Tuners’ OBDII Adapter Cable. Plug the small black insert directly into your Polaris’ diagnostic port and the black OBDII-end into your MPVI2, MPVI2+, or MPVI3 interface for full functionality.

This Polaris OBDII Adapter Cable is required for tuning any supported Polaris vehicles. Before purchasing, confirm your Polaris support.

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Take your Polaris’ off-road performance to the next level with the help of HP Tuners’ complete diagnostic and calibration support! We support a collection of vehicles from the Polaris lineup, including the Ranger, Ace, Sportsman, RZR, and Scrambler models. See our Supported Vehicle List for specific make and model information and ECM licensing costs.

  • Full compatibility with the latest version of VCM Suite BETA software.
  • HP Tuners’ OBDII Adapter Cable is required for all Polaris vehicles.
  • Compatible with MPVI2 or newer generation interfaces.