Dodge GPEC4 PCM Service


Ready to tune your Dodge GPEC4 controlled vehicle with HP Tuners? This PCM upgrade service is required to tune Dodge/Jeep/RAM vehicles equipped with the GPEC4 PCM using HP Tuners’ software (models listed below). All customers will be required to send in their PCM to HP Tuners US location for service.

2018+ models also require an HP Tuners’ Dodge Smart Access Cable.

Shipping address for send-in services: HP Tuners (ATT: GPEC4 PCM Service [RAM]), 700 Eastwood Ln, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

PCMs with broken “LOCKING” tabs or connectors WILL NOT be accepted for upgrades.

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Tune your GPEC4 PCM Controlled Dodge/Jeep/RAM with HP Tuners

HP Tuners is proud to offer a complete diagnostics and custom-tuning solution for Dodge/Jeep/RAM vehicles powered by the 2.0L GME Hurricane I4 Turbo engine starting with our GPEC4 PCM upgrade service. We offer a one-time, send-in upgrade service to get your vehicle’s PCM ready for tuning.

This controller can be found in the following supported vehicles:

  • 2022-2023 RAM Rampage  2.0L (GME Hurricane I4)
  • 2023-2024 Dodge Hornet 2.0L (GME Hurricane I4)
  • 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler  2.0L (GME Hurricane I4)

Once upgraded, you will use one of our Dodge Smart Access Cables for Dodge/Jeep/RAM vehicles and an MPVI3 device to connect with VCM Scanner to scan, diagnose, and data log important parameters. Then use VCM Editor to access engine parameters within Airflow, Fuel, Spark, Torque Management, and more to build a custom tune that fits your needs. Plus, our solution provides this access directly via the OBDII port using an HP Tuners interface.

Upgrade Service

Our one-time, send-in upgrade option will upgrade your original PCM to enable tuning in VCM Suite. Simply send us your PCM and we’ll send it back to you fully upgraded for tuning in the latest VCM Suite (BETA).

Make sure to include the make and model of your vehicle, the stock file, and your VIN when checking out (always double-check your VIN for accuracy to avoid delays). This service takes 1-3 business days to complete (not including shipping times).

Important Note: This is a send-in service that requires you to send HP Tuners your original/spare PCM for servicing.

Everything you need to tune your Dodge/Jeep/RAM vehicle with HP Tuners:

  1. Purchase this service to upgrade your PCM for tuning.
  2. You must also purchase the 2018+ Dodge Smart Access Cable to enable read, write, and special functions for your vehicle.
  3. Download the latest version of VCM Suite BETA.
  4. Once upgraded, purchase the required number of Universal Credits to license your upgraded PCM.
  5. You must have an MPVI3 generation device for the Ram Rampage and Dodge Hornet. If you have a Wrangler 2.0L, that vehicle is compatible with MPVI2 and newer.
    1. Purchase a new MPVI3.
    2. Upgrade your old device for MPVI3.

Note: Universal Credits for licensing are not included in the cost of any upgrade service or purchase. Credits must be purchased separately.

  • Please note this service is required to tune your GPEC4 controlled vehicles with the 2.0L GME Hurricane I4 Turbo engine.
  • In addition to this service, all models require an HP Tuners Dodge Smart Access Cable. We recommend you purchase this cable in a separate order to avoid delays.
  • The supported 2022-2023 RAM Rampage and 2023-2024 Dodge Hornet are ONLY compatible with MPVI3 devices.
  • Please ensure you are sending in ONLY a PCM. No brackets, rubber isolators, or other pieces should be included. These components may not be returned with your upgraded PCM.
  • PCMs with broken “LOCKING” tabs or connectors WILL NOT be accepted for upgrades. No exceptions.
  • This is a one-time upgrade that will not affect other operations of the PCM. The factory tools will still work for service.

These ECM/PCM/TCM services are completed at the owner’s risk. HP Tuners will not be responsible for the vehicle, its powertrain, or electronics, nor how the control module is used, calibrated, and its functionality.

Due to the factory location of the PCMs in the vehicle, all PCMs will exhibit signs of weathering and wear, which is completely normal.
Should you experience any issues with your PCM, please submit a ticket to our support team for assistance on how to proceed.