Polaris MG1 ECM Service


Unlock even more power and performance from your Polaris RZR Pro R (MG1CA007 ECM) with our new upgrade service. Simply send us your original MG1 ECM to be professionally upgraded to accept tunes using only HP Tuners’ software.

Shipping address for ECM Exchanges and Upgrades: HP Tuners (ATT: MG1 ECM Service), 700 Eastwood Ln, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

The Polaris OBDII Adapter Cable is also required for tuning.

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Additional Required Components

OBDII Adapter Cable – Polaris and Indian

Turn up the power on your Polaris side by side and Indian motorcycle with HP Tuners’ Polaris OBDII Adapter Cable. Plug the grey insert directly into your diagnostic port and the black OBDII-end into your MPVI2, MPVI2+, or MPVI3 interface for full functionality.

This Polaris OBDII Adapter Cable is required for tuning any supported Polaris and Indian Motorcycles. Before purchasing, confirm your vehicle support by visiting our vehicles page.

MPVI3 Interface Only

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  • ECMs with broken tabs or connectors WILL NOT be accepted for Upgrades.
  • This service only upgrades your original ECM for tuning, it does not reprogram your ECM for a different VIN. If you intend to send HP Tuners a spare MG1 ECM, it will be returned to you with the same programming as it was received and may not operate in your Polaris vehicle without additional programming by a Polaris dealer.
  • Your MG1 core must be fully functional with no physical or internal damage.
  • No other tuning or calibration tools can be used with the ECM (including dealer reflash tools).
  • The MG1 upgrade service takes about one to two days to complete (not including shipping times).