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BUFFALO GROVE, IL—Mercedes fans, brace yourselves—HP Tuners now offers custom engine tuning with its latest update to VCM Suite. The addition makes it the first software of its kind to provide the range of tuning customization to 2007/08-2015 Mercedes AMG 63 vehicles.

“Being able to fully take advantage of your calibration will be a game changer for Euro performance tuning,” said Steve Tayler, Software and Tuning Support at VCM Performance.

Tayler, who has been involved in performance aftermarket tuning since 2010, has leveraged the custom tuning capabilities of HP Tuners’ VCM Suite on American cars for several years. That customization, however, has not been available for European cars, including Mercedes.

In addition to Mercedes, the VCM Suite 3.4 update now provides the only complete solution for 2017 GM vehicles and adds support of 2017 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM trucks and 2010-2012 Cummins 6.7L.

“With HP Tuners, the user has full control over the task at hand,“ said Tayler. “We are in control of the figures and parameters we change in the calibration, giving the calibrator the ultimate tool for the job.”

“In the past, and typically with aftermarket Euro tuning, we haven’t had such power,” Tayler continued. “Waiting on a flash/generic file to be sent from Europe is a thing of the past now, because we can do it all ourselves.”

For a full list of vehicles supported, visit Supported Vehicles List. To purchase HP Tuners VCM Suite, Click here. See a Mercedes being tuned with VCM suite

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