NEW Ballenger Motorsports AFR500CANv3 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit – Wideband O2 System


Introducing Ballenger Motorsports’ newest model of the AFR500 CAN Air Fuel kit. This kit is preconfigured specifically for vehicles using HP Tuners’ software for seamless integration.

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About the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500CAN Air Fuel Kit

Looking for a solution to measure your vehicle’s air-fuel ratio with CAN configuration? Introducing Ballenger Motorsports’ latest model of their proven AFR500 CAN Air Fuel Kit, designed for professional tuners and DIY enthusiasts alike. The new AFR500v3 CAN kit provides plug-and-play digital CAN Bus messaging and the ability to configure for CAN-enabled systems with specific presets for HP Tuners, making it a seamless and convenient option for measuring air-fuel-ratio in your #HPTuned build.

This AFR500v3CAN kit is capable of reading air-fuel ratio values from 9.0:1 to 16.0:1 (0.62-1.1λ) (standard range) with a resolution of 0.1 to provide excellent resolution in the tuning range of most performance vehicles.

The AFR500v3CAN Air Fuel Kit comes equipped with PC software for programming your CAN or OBDII message structure. No adapters or extra hardware are required for PC programming.

This AFR500v3CAN Kit includes the following:

  • CAN flying lead & USB programming harness.
  • PC software for full digital programmability.
  • Large, bright digital display controller (~3.4in x 2.7in x 1.3in).
  • Display lambda.
  • Standard measurement range.
  • 13ft wiring harness with sealed connections.
  • NTK Production Grade Sensor.
  • Weld in steel exhaust boss and plug.
  • Mounting velcro.
  • Comprehensive installation, troubleshooting, and tuning manual.
  • CAN specific manual addendum.
  • HP Tuners/OBDII CAN connection.
  • 0–5-volt analog output signal.
  • 11–28-volt input power (24v system capable).
  • Compatibility with most aftermarket ECUs.
  • Compatibility with HP Tuners.

Summary of Changes for the AFR500v3 and AFR500v3CAN:

  • A digitally derived output with a higher resolution digital/analog converter.
  • 4X times the measurement resolution (4096 increments compared to the previous 1024).
  • The ASIC chips, one of the most common points of failure from electrostatic damage, have been replaced with a custom board providing better protection and upgrade capabilities.
  • The ability to display from 0.0 to 6.0 in lambda setting for better flexibility with alternate fuels such as diesel.
  • Ability to upgrade firmware for future sensor types.
  • All harnesses, control units, accessories, etc. are backward and forward compatible.
  • Options are selectable at any time via internal jumpers.
  • NTK Calibration grade sensor highly recommended for low AFR methanol applications. NTK Production Grade is the least expensive sensor we recommend for methanol applications.

Summary of specific changes to the AFR500v3CAN:

  • Programmable CAN termination resistor.
  • Sensor Averaging Filter setting.
  • O2% output.
  • Fault condition diagnostics.
  • IP, pump cell current output.
  • Sensor Temperature output.
  • Heater duty cycle output.
  • Battery voltage output.