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Thread: General V6 Information

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    The key on, engine off fuel pressure for a 1997 Camaro 3800 is 48-55 psi. With the engine idling, the pressure should be 3-10 psi less than the key on, engine off pressure. This is from my ALLDATA.

    The 2000-2002 3800 has the same fuel pressure spec.

    Russ Kemp
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    Is there a link to the WOT 4.3L tuning? I'll be needing that soon when my Marine intake comes in and I can install larger injectors.

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    The basic principals to tuning most engines is the same, but the process is different even from similar model car to similar model car. Half the fun is finding out what works best on your setup.
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    the 4.3's have a V8 pcm so can actually utilize most of the V8 tuning concepts.
    It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be done in two weeks...

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    this is for bill i have a 2001 gtp motor i am upgrading my fuel pump to a walbro 255 and 42.5 injectors can you give me a how to what i need to change in my ifr table

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    Have been an HP Tuners customer for a few years. The program works great and it has allowed me to complete a 3800SC engine swap without a problem. Have been able to scan and make adjustments. Engine is running good but you can't optimize from the drivers seat.
    I am looking for a experienced dyno tuner in the Central/Southern NJ. Eastern, PA area that can optimize my tune and take it the rest of the way. Having no luck finding one so if anyone can recommend and expert to tweak my tune I'd appreciate the lead. Any leads are appreciated.