How to Install a LC1 Wideband O2 by Scott Evans, 'Soundengineer'

Using LC1 as a Wideband and a Narrowband with HP Tuners EIO

EIO Connections

Stock Narrowband Connector

LC1 to EIO Wiring Diagram
LC1 RED - 12v power Ignition On Voltage - Any 12 volt DC source
LC1 BLUE - Heater Ground - Chassis Ground
LC1 YELLOW - Analog 1 (narrowband outout) - PIN B of Stock Narrowband Connector
LC1 BROWN - Analog 2 (Wideband output) - Any EIO Input (WHITE-PURPLE-BLUE-GREEN)
LC1 GREEN - Analog Ground - EIO Ground (EIO BLACK)
LC1 WHITE - System Ground - Chassis Ground
LC1 BLACK - Calibration Wire - Momentary Switch conects between LC1 Black and Ground

Optional Status LED connects between calibration wire and Ground

LC-1 grounds (BLUE-WHITE) should go to chassis ground.

Output of the Wideband side should be set to 1/12 or 1/6th second output-update rate.

Output of the Narrowband side should be set to 1/6th second output-update rate(best simulates the response of the stock o2 sensor.