Enhanced IO - Standalone Data Logging

MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging

The standalone data logging capability of the MPVI Pro unit allows scanning of the vehicle without the use of a laptop.

To setup the standalone datalogging feature for the first time on a new vehicle or when switching from another vehicle follow the steps below or watch our Standalone Datalogging Demo:
  1. Key your vehicle into the run position.
  2. Connect your interface to your vehicle's obd2 port and to your laptop's usb port.
  3. Open VCM Suite Scanner and open your Table(Primary) Display.
  4. Click the connect icon.
  5. Add or delete any PID's you want.
  6. Save your config for later use(optional).
  7. Click Scan-MPVI Pro Data Logging.
  8. Click Write Config-Yes.
  9. Unplug the USB connector from your laptop.
  10. Start vehicle if not already running.
  11. Press and Hold the Record button for ~2 seconds to start recording.
  12. Press and Hold the Stop button for ~2 seconds when your finished to stop recording.

You must always use the stop button to halt the logging process.
Powering down the unit while it is recording or while the Busy LED is lit during a stop request will cause the current log to become corrupted.

The interface can store up to 32 individual logs if they are small, or about 80 minutes of data.
This all varies on the vehicle you are connected to and the number of bytes per frame you are recording.

To insert a marker while recording, press the Record button for 1 second. The Busy light will blink indicating a marker has been inserted into the recorded data.
After a marker has been added there is a 2 second delay before you can add another marker.

Write Config

This will write your current table display configuration into the MPVI Pro unit.
Be aware that it will erase any current logs you have saved in the unit.

You can use user defined AUX inputs with your configuration as well.
Any configured outputs will not be stored into the config of the MPVI Pro unit.
Only inputs are recorded during standalone data logging, outputs are not used.

Get Info

This will report the current VIN, operating system ID, number of logs present and the percentage of log data mem used.

Read Logs

This will read all logs from the interface. No logs will be erased by reading them.

Erase Logs

This will erase all logs currently stored in the interface. Your config will not be erased.