Enhanced IO - Configuration

Enhanced IO Configuration

The Enhanced IO interface has 4 programmable inputs and 2 programmable outputs.

Note: The EIO Input feature is not available for our standard interface units, ONLY for those who have Enhanced IO interfaces.
The EIO Output feature can still be configured and displayed for standard interface units, but the EIO interface is required to actually control the interface outputs.

To upgrade your interface please e-mail us at sales@hptuners.com.


Input signal must be a 0-5v+ source.
You can monitor predefined inputs or create your own input type.
Each box in the grid represents an individual input on the interface. Use the above picture as a guide.

To add an input to the table display, select the box in the grid that corresponds to the input # you are using on your interface then right click and select insert.
The insert menu will display a list of predefined inputs, which you can select from.

If you do not see your sensor in the list you can add it manually by using one of the existing user defined spaces. Simply click Configure User Defined from under the User Defined list.
If you would like your sensor to be added permanently, please e-mail support@hptuners.com with all of your sensor information.

Predefined Inputs

User Defined Input Configuration

  1. Select which user defined input field you would like to modify from the drop down list.
  2. Enter the name to be displayed for your input.
  3. Define the inputs Sensor if a type applies.
  4. Enter the units of your input.
  5. Select either List or Formula.
To add your new input, simply insert a new value into your input table and select it from the User Defined List.

Output Configuration

Note: If using a standard (Non-EIO) interface, the table display will update to reflect the output status but no actual interface outputs will be triggered.