Status Bit Display

Status Bit

The status bit display will allow you to view vehicle states such as cruise status, torque converter status, A/C status and more.

VCM Scanner must have vehicle information in history or an active connection to the vehicle to be able to insert a Status Bit.
Please note that the status bit parameters between vehicles will vary dramatically.
If you configure your status bit display on vehicle A and connect to vehicle B, your status bit display may not function as desired or display different parameters.

Right click the status bit display for more options.


Insert Insert a new status bit
Delete Delete the current selected status bit

Inserting a Status Bit

Right click the status bit display and select insert single or inset group.

Understanding the Insert List

In the list below, only AC Clutch is displayed. The list indicates that it is added with a red color. All other items in blue in the list can be added at no additional cost to your byte count indicated on the table display.

The list below also indicates how the VCM groups Status Bit's together. All items between Generator L and AC Request can be gathered from the VCM using only 1 byte of scanner bandwidth. They all fall under the same group. Items found in the same group do not have to be related in regards to vehicle function.