Gauge Display

Gauge Display

VCM Scanner's Gauge Display Settings makes configuring your gauge display easy. You can configure each gauge individually and also configure the display colors, background images and general feel globally.

Right click the gauges for more options.

Unsupported and Supported Gauges

Your config file will store all the gauges you wish to view on your gauge display.
You can load gauges based on generic sensors or more specific PIDs.
Just because you have a gauge defined as a MAF sensor gauge does not mean your new scans will automatically incorporate the MAF PID. It is up to you to still enter that PID into the table display.
To make it more clear for you what gauges you have supported with your current table display configuration, we use the following display format.


Gauge shows a value and a needle. It is supported.
Gauge shows no value or needle. It is not supported.

How to Support an Unsupported Gauge

To support an unsupported gauge you will have to enter the PID the gauge requires in the table display.
It is a good idea to define as many of your gauges as possible to generic sensors instead of more specific PIDs.
Not every vehicle uses the same PID set. For example, vehicle A may use Timing Advance PID 1 where as Vehicle B may use Timing Advance PID 2. If you define a gauge against Timing Advance PID 1 and connect to Vehicle B, your gauge will not work. If you define your gauge against the generic sensor Timing Advance, as long as the vehicle you connect to supports any Timing Advance PID (and you insert that specific PID into the table display), your gauge will be supported.
The most noticeable application for using Sensors for definition is when you switch between vehicle platforms.

Normal vs. Alert Mode Gauges

You can configure gauges to go into an "Alert" mode when their value is below or above a certain value.
When the gauge exceeds these boundaries, the Gauge Colors (Alert) will be used as defined in your Gauge Display Settings.


Gauge does not exceed either defined Alert boundary.
Gauge exceeds an Alert boundary as defined by the Gauge Properties..

Gauge Properties

Plot Value

The plot value is the actual value that is going to be plotted on the gauge. You can plot against a specific PID or a more generic sensor. Try to chose a sensor over a PID whenever possible.


Import settings from file.
Export settings to file. Use this to share your settings with others.
Commit any changes made and refresh the parent Gauge.
Undo any changes made.

Gauge Display Settings

VCM Scanner gives you one location to customize the general color and feel of your Gauge Display.


The background color is the standard color for the background of the window for any unused areas. You can also load an image as your background as well. The image will not be stretched to fit your window. Any remaining area not covered by your image will be set to your background color defined here.

Gauge Colors

Here is where you change your gauge display color palette. With this simple one spot configuration window you can change your color theme in seconds.


Import settings from file.
Export settings to file. Use this to share your settings with others.
Commit any changes made and refresh the parent Gauge Display window.
Undo any changes made.
Load gauge display default settings.