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Force Motor
These values are the calibration of the transmission force motor (pressure control solenoid) versus desired line pressure and transmission temperature. The force motor is a relief valve that requires a current to reduce line pressure, the higher the current the lower the resulting line pressure. It is not recommended to change these values unless you have modified the transmission pressure control solenoid or are experiencing trans slip under heavy load. If you increase the Max Line Pressure constant, you may have to set the values in the 100 column to match (or be slightly lower) than the 96 column. Certain calibrations have to 100 column set to 1245ma (full line pressure bleed off).

Desired Shift Time
This is the desired shift time for each part throttle shift.


Shift Pressure
These tables define the desired transmission line pressure in relation to input torque and current gear. These tables are used to modify your transmission shift pressures.

Shift Pressure Modifier

Shift Pressure Adapt

Oncoming Pressure Preset

Offgoing Pressure Preset

Clutch Volume Preset