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Stoich Air Fuel Ratio (Stoich AFR)

Afterstart Enrichment
The afterstart enrichment function provides the required enrichment after engine cranking and then a gradual ramp (decay) into stoichiometric fuel delivery and closed loop operation. The afterstart enrichment adds to the current fuel/air multiplier (equivalence ratio). If the engine enters closed loop then afterstart enrichment is zeroed.

PN/Drive Enrichment
During openloop operation, extra fuel is added during a transition from PN to Drive for A4 transmissions.

Startup AFR Correction (V6 Engines)
Startup AFR correction is the calculation of the factor that is subtracted from the current commanded AFR during startup/warmup. It decays to zero depending on the decay factor and is disabled once the engine reaches closed loop operation.

Injector Control

General Glow Plugs(Diesel Engines)

Cranking Fuel
These tables control injector priming pulses and cranking fuel delivery.

Engine Over Temperature