Read VCM

Reading the VCM

To read the VCM follow these steps:
  1. Plug the interface cable into the vehicle OBD2 port and PC serial/USB interface. See Connecting to the Vehicle section for more information.
  2. Open VCM Editor, ensure no files are currently open and select "Read Entire" from the "Flash" menu. Alternatively, click the "Read VCM" icon on the toolbar. The Read VCM form will appear.
  3. Put the key in the ignition and turn to the ON position (do not start the vehicle).
  4. Make sure the doors are closed and accessories are turned off (do not lock or unlock the doors during reading or writing procedures or operate any vehicle accessories)
  5. Wait 10 to 15 seconds.
  6. Click the "Begin" button.
  7. Allow the PC to read the VCM until the status says "VCM Read Completed".
  8. Turn off ignition and optionally unplug the interface cable.
  9. The file is now automatically opened in the VCM Editor and modification can begin. We recommend that if this is the initial read of the stock VCM that you save (and backup) the file with a meaningful name such as "stock.hpt" before any modifications are made. You may wish to restore your vehicle to the stock tune at a later date.

Please note for vehicles with multiple VCM's (eg. LS2 A4 vehicles) there is a 15 second pause between reading each VCM.

About reading the VCM

When you read the VCM, the program is uploading calibration information from your VCM into the VCM Editor application. The read process will automatically detect the presence of relevant VCM's in the vehicle and read them all in sequence transparently to the user. The various status messages and progress bar give information about the current state of the read.

It is not possible to harm your PCM during the read process. If communications is lost the program will automatically reset the PCM after a short delay and prompt you to rectify the problem and/or try again.

Read times

Approximate read times (error free, high speed mode) are as follows:

VCM Type Read Time (approx.)
LS1 V8 PCM (512k) 2 mins
LS1 V8 PCM (1024k) 4 mins
V6 PCM (512k) 2 mins
V6 PCM (1024k) 4 mins
LS2 V8 ECM (1280k) 2 mins
LS2 V8 ECM + TCM (1984k) 3 mins
LMM/LBZ ECM 3 mins
P12 I4/I5/I6 ECM 2 mins
Bosch Alloytec ECM 20 mins