License Activation

License Activation

Whenever you use credits to activate a license, this is the form you will see.
You must use caution when activating licenses.

When opening a file, the rules are:

When reading a vehicle, the rules are:

When writing to a vehicle, the rules are:
The above rules may sound like a lot just to write a vehicle, however its really not the case.

For example:
When working with your own vehicle, you will almost always read the vehicle first.
After the read, you will be prompted to license the vehicles file.
Now you have a license for your vehicle and all files you read from it.

Now that your vehicle is licensed you can flash it an unlimited number of times.

If you apply a VCM Enhancement to the file, you will have to license the VCM Enhancement the next time you program the vehicle as you will already have a license for the base vehicle file and the vehicle itself.

Take caution when:

The above examples are extreme tests of our licensing rules.

License Types:

Single Vehicle License Comment:
When using a single vehicle license, you can enter in a brief comment.
The comment length you can enter will vary depending on the type of vehicle you are working with.
Don't worry, the window will prevent you from entering in too much data.

You can view the comments in action here.

Comments could be: