Installing the Software

Installing the Software

When you receive your order in the mail, you will receive:

Step 1: Installing the Software

Insert the CD into the CD drive and install the VCM Suite software.
If your CD doesn't autorun you can open the CD folder under My Computer and double click the file "Setup.exe"

After the software has finished installing leave the CD in the drive but do not run the VCM Suite software just yet.

Step 2: Installing the USB MPVI interface drivers

Connect the MPVI interface to the computers USB port with the supplied USB cable.

When Windows recognizes the interface, it will prompt you for drivers.
The drivers are on the CD (this is the reason why we left the CD in the drive at the end of step 1).

Select the "Advanced" option.

Select the "Search Removable Media" option and ensure any other options are deselected.

The following warning will appear, click "Continue Anyway".

This success message will appear, click "Finish" to complete the install.

IMPORTANT! You should be prompted to repeat the driver install for "MPVI Channel B".
Repeat the above process for channel B. This is normal as our interface uses a dual channel USB interface.
Once the drivers have finished installing, you can remove the CD from the drive.

After a successful installation you MUST see the "HP Tuners MPVI Channel A" and "HP Tuners MPVI Channel B" shown in the Windows Device Manager, under the Universal Serial Bus controller menu.
If you do not see both channels installed the interface will not function correctly.

For those machines that refuse to load the correct USB drivers here is what you can try to fix the issue:

Plug the MPVI interface in, go to the control panel, device drivers, expand the USB section.

The drivers should be on the CD or you can always download the latest drivers from here:


  1. If FTDI A,B are seen and not HP Tuners MPVI Channel A, B, right click on FTDI A and uninstall. Do the same for FTDI B.
  2. Unplug the MPVI.
  3. Unzip the USB driver files (if you downloaded them).
  4. Plug the MPVI back in.
  5. This time when Windows finds a new device, manually select the drivers in the unzipped folder or CD.
If Windows refuses to load the correct drivers, repeat step 1 but this time do not unplug the MPVI. Right click on whatever drivers Windows installed for the MPVI and select "Update Driver". Now direct Windows to the folder or CD where the drivers are.

Step 3: Running the Software

Now, open up VCM Editor for the first time. You can find it in your Start Menu->Programs->HP Tuners->VCM Editor. You will be prompted to enter in an application key. You should have received your application key via e-mail after you placed your order or inside of the box with your interface.

Step 4: All Finished

You are now ready to use our product. Thanks for your support!

For sales and upgrade questions please e-mail us at
For technical support, software and hardware questions please e-mail us at

To download the latest software or purchase additional credits, please use the customer login page on our website.

You may also be asked for your serial #. Your serial # can be found on the underside of your interface.