Getting Started

Getting started with VCM Suite

With VCM Suite you can read your Vehicle Control Module (VCM), edit parameters and make adjustments to your vehicles tune, then write your tuned calibration file back to your VCM. With VCM Scanner you can monitor your vehicles performance. VCM Scanner combined with the power of VCM Editor gives you the ultimate tool to fine tune your vehicles performance. These basic steps are followed regardless of vehicle type:
  1. Use VCM Editor to read your current VCM calibration.
  2. Modify the desired parameters.
  3. Write the new calibration back to the VCM.
  4. Use VCM Scanner to monitor and quantify the new tune-up.
  5. Repeat from step 2 until tune is completed

Installing the Software

The first thing you need to do is install the software and the USB drivers for the MPVI interface.

Installing the Software

Connecting to the Vehicle

Plug one end of the interface cable into your vehicles OBD-II port and the other into your laptop. Turn the vehicles key into the ON position. Before you can read/write the VCM, you must leave the key in the on position for at least 10 seconds. To use VCM Scanner, either start the vehicle and begin or put they key in the ON position and wait 10 seconds.

Connecting to the Vehicle

Reading the VCM

Editing the VCM

Writing to the VCM

Scanning the Vehicle


Firmware Update