Licensing Vehicles

The VCM Suite is licensed based on the vehicles you are actually tuning (or plan to tune in the future). A license is tied to a vehicle's VIN, as well as the serial number and operating system version of its VCM.

A separate license will be required for each HP Tuners interface device you use to flash vehicles. Vehicles that are not licensed on a particular interface device cannot be flashed by that device.

Currently, two types of license can be purchased:

A Single Vehicle License allows you to tune the individual vehicle which has been licensed. This is likely the best option for a small tuner shop or enthusiast that is tuning a very small number of vehicles.

NOTE: For some vehicles, you will be offered the option to license the ECM and TCM separately, rather than licensing the whole vehicle.

For some vehicle models, a Year/Model license can be purchased. These licenses allow you to tune an unlimited number of vehicles with the same model, year, and engine. This is likely a good option for tuner shops that handle a significant number of vehicles of the same model and vintage.

Licenses for additional vehicles can be purchased at any time. Moreover, if a Year/Model license is available for the vehicle you are licensing, the purchase of the Single Vehicle License will earn upgrade credits, which can be applied to the purchase of the Year/Model license.

Purchasing a License

If you do not yet have a license that covers the vehicle you are working on, the software will prompt you to purchase a license when you attempt to flash those changes to the vehicle. See License Activation Rules for more detail on licensing requirements.

The prompt the software displays looks like this:

NOTE: Prices for licenses are listed in credits. Credits are the currency HP Tuners uses for license transactions. See Credits for more information.

Choose the desired option and click the Ok button. The appropriate amount of credits will be deducted from the credits on your MPVI2/2+.

How many credits do I need?

The number of credits required to license a particular vehicle depends on the vehicle. Some vehicles require more credits than others. Most single vehicle licenses require between 2 and 6 credits.

Additionally, purchasing a license for all vehicles of the same model and year requires more credits than a single vehicle license. But, its price can be reduced by earning upgrade credits.

For a list of specific credit requirements by make and model, see the Supported Vehicles page.

Can I delete licenses or swap them for another vehicle?

No. Once licenses are chosen and committed, they are permanently stored and cannot be erased or swapped.