Interface Devices

When using the VCM Suite to read information from a vehicle or write tunes to a vehicle, you will need to connect your computer to the vehicle. This requires an "interface device" that translates the many languages (protocols) used by vehicle on-board computing systems into the single language (protocol) used by HP Tuners software.

There are two current interface devices:

RTD Gen 3

VCM Suite 5.0 (or later) is required to support either of these devices.

Additionally, a number of older interface devices, such as the MPVI, MPVI2, and MPVI2+ are still supported by VCM Suite. However, these devices do not support the full range of features of the MPVI3.


This is our most recent interface device designed specifically for tuners. It supports the full range of features of the VCM Suite and the full range of features of the TDN app for mobile devices. Plus, it includes twice the storage of the MPVI2+ and a faster processor. Moreover, this device now includes a built in high-resolution accelerometer.

Pro Feature Set is now standard with this interface, but if you want to attach external inputs, you will need to purchase a Pro Link+ cable separately. External sensor inputs can often provide valuable insight into what's going on under the hood.

RTD Gen 3

Tuners sometimes provide this device to their customers so that the customer can read tuning files from their own vehicle. This allows the customer to exchange these files with their preferred tuner, who is then able to adjust the vehicle's tune and monitor its performance remotely.

These devices fully support the TDN app, which is the recommended software for users of these devices. Users who are interested in the powerful data logging features of VCM Scanner will find that application to be fully functional with RTD Gen 3 as well.

However, use of VCM Editor is NOT supported by this device. This helps prevent the tuner's customers from altering the tuner's enhancements.

When used with the Pro Feature Set (including the Pro Link+), the RTD Gen 3 allows users to attach additional sensor inputs, which may provide valuable insight into what's going on under the hood.

In North America, This device is only available via direct sale to select, high volume tuning customers. Devices sold this way typically carry the tuner's company brand. They are not sold under the HP Tuners brand.