The Real Time Tuning Window

If you have selected an RTT Mode other than Disabled in VCM Editor and then written the tune to the vehicle, the RTT icon will appear in VCM Scanner's toolbar when you connect to the vehicle.

Click this icon to bring up the Real Time Tuning window.

This window is similar to the Table Editor in VCM Editor and includes many of the toolbar icons and the right click menu from that window.

Additional Toolbar Icons

This window includes a few additional toolbar icons that are not present in the VCM Editor.

Select Table: Each of these numbers represent a table that is available for real time tuning in the current mode. Click a number to select the corresponding table.

By default, the controller will use the versions of these tables that are stored on its flash drive.

Use RAM Version: Intstruct the controller to use the version of the selected table in RAM. This allows the table to be modified in real time.

Use Flash Version: Instruct the controller to user the version of the table on the flash drive. This table cannot be modified in real time.

Use Flash Version for All: Instruct the controller to switch to the flash versions of all tables.

Copying a Table to RAM and Making it Active

When you are ready to start tuning a table in real time:

1. Select the table by clicking the number corresponding to the table you want to modify. Initially, the table will appear blank because its data has not yet been retrieved from the flash drive.
2. Click . This will tell the vehicle controller to copy the table into RAM memory and start using that copy rather than the original table on its internal flash drive.

Using the Flash Table Again

If you have built a table in RAM that you do not wish the vehicle to use anymore, simply click . This will tell the vehicle to use the table that is located on the flash drive and not the one RAM.

NOTE: This will not remove your changes to the table in RAM. If you click the Use RAM Version icon again, you can continue tuning the table where you left off. Your changes will not have been lost.

If you want to erase the tables in RAM, simply key off or cycle the ignition. Any changes made to the table in RAM will be lost and refreshed with table data from the flash drive.