Adding Pro Link and Pro Link+ Analog Inputs

Up to two analog inputs can be added to the data stream received by MPVI2 (via Pro Link) and MPVI2+/3 (via Pro Link+).

NOTE: In order to use this feature, you must have a Pro Feature Set license for the interface device you are using the Pro Link / ProLink+ with.

Pro Link Pinouts

Wire Color





Analog 1: 0 - 5 V, 100 Hz Sampling Rate


Analog 2: 0 - 5 V, 100 Hz Sampling Rate


CAN High



Adding an Analog Input

1. Connect the analog signal from the external sensor to either the RED wire or the BLUE wire on the Pro Link cable.
2. Connect the ground from the sensor output to the BLACK wire on the Pro Link cable.
3. Ensure that your Pro Link Cable is properly attached to your MPVI2 (or later) interface device.
4. Connect the interface device to a USB port on your computer and to the OBD-II port on the vehicle.
5. Open VCM Scanner and connect to the vehicle.
6. If the Channels list is not already open, click the tab on the left edge of the screen to display it.
7. Click the icon in the Channels list. The Channel Selector window appears.
8. Go to External Inputs > MPVI2 > Pro Link and then double-click on the A/D input that you connected the sensor to in Step 1.

9. The selected input should now appear in the Channels list. Right-click on it and select Transform. The Transform Selector window appears. This window specifies how the raw voltages received through the Pro Link cable must be transformed into usable sensor data.

10. Browse for the sensor you connected in Step 1. If the sensor appears in the list, select it and click OK.

If the sensor does not appear in the list or you need to customize a transform to account for a signal/noise offset, you can define the appropriate transform manually. See Defining Your Own Transform to complete channel setup.

Channel setup is now complete. It can now be added to gauges, graphs, charts, etc. just like any other channel. When selecting the parameter to include, use the transform you chose in Step 10.