Putting a Vehicle in the "ON" State

When connecting to a vehicle for read and write operations, HP Tuners software typically requires that the vehicle be put in an ON state without starting the vehicle's engine. The correct procedure varies from model to model. Here are some examples:

Conventional Key Start Ignitions

1. Insert the key in the ignition.
2. Rotate the key to the ON (or RUN) position, but do not continue to the START position.

Dodge / Chrysler / RAM / Jeep with Red Pushbutton Ignition

Keep your foot off the brake and follow these steps.

1. Press the red START button once. The indicator around the button will change from OFF to ACC.
2. Wait 2 seconds.
3. Press the red START button again. The indicator should change to RUN.

GM Vehicles with Pushbutton Ignition

Without putting your foot on the brake pedal, push and hold the ENGINE START button for eight to ten seconds.