Template Editor

The Template Editor allows you to create and edit templates containing a collection of parameter values.

To open this window, select Tools > Tune Template Editor in the toolbar.

Creating, Opening, and Closing Templates

The four icons on the left end of the toolbar are used to create, open, and close template files:

Create a new, empty template. See Creating a New Template.

Open an existing template.

Save the current template.

Close the current template.

Adding Parameter Values

The four icons on the right end of the toolbar add parameters to a template. Each icon represents a different method:

Import parameters from an existing template. See Importing Another Template.

Select specific parameters from the currently loaded tune. See Adding Specific Parameters.

Import unsaved changes from the currently loaded tune. See Importing Unsaved Parameters.

When comparing two tune files, import the compare file version of parameters that differ from the main file. See Importing Compare File Differences.

Editing Parameter Values

You can edit the values of parameters in the Template. However, there are some limitations to this process.

Editing Switches

The values of switches are stored as character strings. Although other windows in VCM Editor will list all possible values for the switch in a dropdown menu, in this window, you must enter the actual character string.
For a modified switch value to be applied properly, the string you enter must be a supported value of the parameter you are modifying.

Editing Scalars

There are no restrictions on scalars.

Editing Tables

You can edit the cell contents of the tables, but not the axis.
For tables to be applied properly, they must have the same axis sizes and axis values as the corresponding tables in the tune to which they are being applied. Moreover, the unit type of the cell values must be the same.

Editing DTC Lists

For DTC values to apply to the target, they must have the same Key and the Value must also be supported on the target.
To add new DTC value to the list, the easiest way is to change the property you desire in your tune and import unsaved changes.

Deleting a Parameter

1. In the tree view, click on the parameter you want to delete.
2. Press the "Delete" key.

Deleting a DTC List Entry

1. Click on the row containing the entry you want to delete.
2. Press the "Delete" key.