Tab Style Navigation

VCM Editor organizes vehicle parameters and DTC lists into a tab system. The top level of these tabs can be seen just below the main toolbar.

Clicking any of these icons brings up a window displaying the parameters in the corresponding group.

If there are enough parameters in the group, there will be one or two rows of tabs at the top of the window. The second row (if present) are subtabs of the first row. For example, the tab selected in the graphic below is a subtab of the Airflow tab in the first row.

Once you have located the tab containing the parameter(s) you wish to modify, you can do the following:

Hover over a parameter to see a brief description for the parameter at the bottom of the window.

Edit parameters as needed. See Modifying Parameters.
Right-click on the colored background of any parameter name to see a menu containing options for the parameter. See Parameter Options.