Parameter Options

Right-clicking on the colored background of any parameter displayed in the Tab Navigation System or in the right pane of the Parameter Navigator will display a menu containing options for the parameter.

The options displayed are different for each type of parameter. They may include the following:

Copy. Copy the value of this field to the clipboard. This allows the same value to be pasted into another field later.
Paste. If you have copied the value of another field to the clipboard, select this option to paste it into the current field.
Undo Changes. Select this option to revert the field back to the value in the last saved version of the tune file.
Units. Select this option to change the displayed units for this field.
Decimals. Select this option to add or remove decimal places from the value displayed in this field (increase or decrease the precision of the displayed value).
Favorites. Select this option to add this field your favorites (or remove it from your favorites).