Modifying Parameters

You can browse through the available parameters using either the Tab Navigation System or the Parameter Navigator. Each parameter displayed will be one of the following types:

Code Modifications

Additionally, you can configure the behavior of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). See Editing DTC Lists for more information.

Modifying Switches

"Switches" are parameters that support only a handful of specific values. VCM Editor represents these as simple drop down menus.

To modify one of these, click the value to be modified and then select the new value from the drop down.

Modifying Scalars

"Scalars" are simply numerical values that can be entered in the spaces provided.

NOTE: To see the range of values permitted for a particular field, hover over the field. The range will be displayed in the lower right corner of the window.

To change the display units for a field (for example, from Fahrenheit to Celsius), click the green label to the right of the field. Each click will switch to the next supported unit type. It may take several clicks to find the units you want.

NOTE: When you change the displayed units, the value in the box will be displayed in the new unit and the displayed value may be rounded off. However, the underlying value does not change until you enter a new number in the box.

Modifying Tables

In the parameter display, each table is represented as a colored button bearing the name of the table.

Click the button to open the table in Table Editor, which allows the table data to be viewed and edited.

Applying Code Modifications

The Operating System group may contain one or more Code Modification buttons that look like this:

Clicking one of these buttons tells the VCM Suite to apply a custom HP Tuners patch to the operating system of your vehicle's ECM, TCM, or PCM.

CAUTION: Applying an OS mod can brick the controller being modified. When doing so, be sure to follow the instructions given on screen EXACTLY.

Follow these steps:

1. THOROUGHLY research the mod you wish to apply. Determine if:
There is any additional hardware that needs to be installed in the vehicle to support this mod.
There is any additional tuning required to support this modification. If so, what needs to be done?
2. In VCM Editor, open the tune file for the vehicle to be modified.
3. In the OS group, click the button for the code modification you wish to apply.
4. Immediately save the file under a different name and then close it. DO NOT make any other modifications to the file.
5. Open the new file again and flash the file to the vehicle using the WRITE ENTIRE option.