Comparing Two Tune Files

VCM Editor's compare feature can provide a very quick overview of the differences between any two tune files available.

Major points of comparison:

You can compare any files regardless of make/model/operating system.
When comparing files of different operating system, only parameters of similar types are compared.
For tables to be compared they must be of the same dimensions in both files.
DTC differences will not be compared.

Opening Files for Comparison

1. Open the first of the two files you wish to compare by selecting File > Open in the menu bar.
2. Once the first file has been opened, the Compare menu becomes available. Select it in the menu bar.

3. Select Open Compare File and browse for the second file to compare.

Selecting a View

Once you have opened both files, you will have three separate views available.

Show Main File
Show Compare File
Show Differences

You can access these views either by selecting them in the Compare menu or by clicking the appropriate button in the toolbar of the main VCM Editor window.

Toolbar Icons

View the calibration values in the main file

View the calibration values in the compare file.

View the differences between the two files. (For each numerical parameter and table cell, this option displays the amount by which the two values differ).

NOTE: These icons also appear in the toolbar at the top of each table you open. When you change the compare view of an individual table, it will affect only that table. To change the display view of all open parameters, you must use either the Compare menu or the toolbar in the main VCM Editor window.

Viewing the Comparison Log

The comparison log displays a quick overview of differences between the two files. To open the comparison log,

In the menu bar, select Compare > View Comparison Log.

Only parameters supported by both calibrations and of similar types are displayed.

Copying a Single Parameter or Group

To easily copy a single parameter or group from the compare file to the main file:

1. Left click the parameter or group you wish to copy.
2. Right click and select Copy Over Selected Differences.

Copying ALL Differences

To copy ALL differences from the compare file to the main file:

1. Right click on any parameter or group.
2. Select Copy Over All Differences.

When copying over differences between files of different operating system IDs, some parameters may copied over as a close approximation rather than as an exact value. In this case, the parameter will still show up in the list.