Enhanced IO

Enhanced IO (EIO)

The Enhanced IO interface has 4 programmable inputs and 2 programmable outputs.

This feature is not available for our standard interface units, ONLY for those who have Enhanced IO interfaces. Enhanced IO interfaces have a third plug that sticks out of the side interface where a pigtail plugs in. The plug consists of 8 pins in a row. When you receive your EIO interface, there is a cap covering the pins which can be pulled off to expose the pins.

To upgrade your interface please e-mail us at sales@hptuners.com.

Enhanced IO specifications

Control external devices by providing a ground when commanded on.
Driver circuits CANNOT tolerate an over 200 milliamp short. Do not exceed these limits or you will damage the outputs. If you are unsure of the device/circuit you are testing contact us at support@hptuners.com
Always use a 200 ma fuse in line with you connected device.
Blown output transistors will NOT be covered under warranty.



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