Real Time Tuning (RTT™)


RTT™ is an operating system modification that allows real time modification of selected parameters in the PCM's RAM.
Parameters are updated via customized OBD2 commands in real time.

The user selects an operation "mode" that defines which tables are enabled for real time.
Example modes are main fuel/spark, idle, O2/knock etc.

The RTT™ system is primarily controlled by VCM Scanner and when enabled, tables are copied from flash chip to RAM and can be modified in real time.
After tuning is complete the final table can be written to the PCM and stored permanently using regular VCM Editor processes.



Do NOT attempt changing real time tune values while driving the vehicle.
Doing so may cause driver distraction and possible vehicle crash.
Real time tuning is designed for quick tuning under controlled conditions like an engine or chassis dynamometer.

Use caution when entering values into the real time tuning tables.
Improper use may cause vehicle damage and or unsafe driving conditions.
User assumes all safety responsibility for use of and values entered into real time tuning mode.




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