The Channels display controls all of the data inputs into VCM Scanner.


They can come from many sources:

Vehicle/OBD Port

HP Tuners Device (A/D Input, Wideband, etc...)

Third party device connected via a serial port direct to the laptop/PC


If you want to display any value on any layout display (Gauge/Graph/Chart vs. Time), you must provide an input on the Channels display to supply the data.


If you want to use a Math Parameter, the math parameters variables must be satisfied by a channel on the Channels display.



Scanner Performance and Polling Interval

In most cases, the more parameters you add to the Channels display, the slower they will be returned to you from the vehicle.

Broadcast parameters do not suffer from this drawback. These are parameters that the vehicle is always sending and require no overhead in collecting. Given the choice between a Polling and a Broadcast parameter, you should chose the Broadcast one.


External sourced parameters (MPVI, Serial Port, etc...) do not affect the rate at which parameters are gathered from the vehicle.


To improve performance, lower the interval on polling parameters that do not require great resolution. For example, setting Engine Coolant Temperature to 10 seconds might be more appropriate than .1 seconds. By doing so, you free up bandwidth space for a parameter that might require tighter resolution, like Spark Advance.



Loading Defaults

Clicking the folder on the top left of the Channels display will show you your recent saved channel configurations, as well as default options.


To load defaults, you must first connect to a vehicle, or load an off-line profile.


Load SAE Defaults:

This will load a default set of supported SAE parameters for the current vehicle. These will only provide a basic set of parameters.


Load Vehicle Defaults:

This will load a default set of supported manufacturer specific and SAE parameters for the current vehicle. This will provide the best starting point for most vehicles.



Opening/Saving Channel Configs

The Open Folder and Save icon on the top let of the Channel display control the ability to save/restore the current channel configuration.


You do not need to save your channel configuration every time you make a change. VCM Scanner will remember all the changes you make and reload them next time you open VCM Scanner.


Save separate channel configs for common tasks/vehicles.


Channel configs are saved as xml and include the following information:

Parameter ID

Parameter Source

Polling Interval

Any Transform (if applied)




A polling parameter


A broadcast parameter


An unsupported parameter


A parameter from an external input