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Additional VCM Enhancements

Real Time Tuning (RTT™)

Applications: 1999+ Gen3 V8 (Most Operating Systems)

RTT™ is an enhanced operating system that allows real time modification of selected parameters in the PCM's calibration. Parameters are updated via customized OBD2 commands in real time using the existing OBD2 port. No need to remove the PCM or run any separate cabling. The user can select various operation "modes" that defines which tables are enabled for RTT™. The RTT™ system is primarily controlled by VCM Scanner and, when enabled, tables can be modified in real time via the integrated RTT™ user interface. After tuning is complete, the final tune can be written to the PCM and stored permanently using regular editor processes.

HP Tuners RTT™ is an excellent way to tune selected vehicle parameters in real time, without the high cost and inconvenience of dedicated hardware solutions.

2bar and 3bar Speed Density

Applications: 1998+ Gen3 V8 (Most Operating Systems)

The enhancement is designed for the serious forced induction enthusiast who is struggling to make the stock PCM do everything that is needed at the racetrack and is tired of using the various VCM "tricking" techniques during the tuning process. HP Tuners has spent months of in-house and external testing and development time, utilizing some of the worlds best forced induction tuning houses as beta testers to make sure the features meet the requirements for both supercharged and turbocharged applications.

The 2bar Speed Density enhancement includes:

- 2bar MAP support (calibration capability for 0-5V linear sensors)
- Retains 5 kPa resolution in non-boost regions (2bar pre 04/05)
- 5 kPa resolution in boost regions (2bar pre 04/05)
- 10 kPa resolution in boost regions (2bar and 3bar post 04/05)
- Secondary VE table not used (if applicable)
- New MAP referenced "Boost Enrich" table
- New openloop MAP threshold
- Dual (High and Low Octane) Spark table support
- Speed Density mode only
- VCM Scanner histogram automatically recognizes and adjusts for 2bar/3bar feature
- New 2bar/3bar MAP PID for VCM Scanner

2.5 bar Speed Density

Applications: GenIV V8 (E40 ECM only) (Most Operating Systems)

HP Tuners brings speed density forced induction tuning to the GenIV engine! Announcing, 2.5 bar Speed Density enhancement for GenIV engines equipped with the E40 ECM. This enhancement is a must for any serious forced induction setup, leveraging the proven track record, experience and features of HP Tuners 2 and 3bar enhancements for the LS1.

This enhancement contains the following features:

- 2.5 bar max MAP support (calibrate for 0-5V linear sensors)
- New Boost VE table from 105-255 kPa (2.5 bar or 22.5 psi boost)
- Retains stock VE table resolution in non-boost regions
- better than 5 kPa resolution in boost regions (105 kPa - 255 kPa)
- New MAP referenced "Boost Enrich" table in 5 kPa increments
- New Boost Enrich MAP threshold
- Speed Density mode only
- Rescaled fan temperature axis 163-250F (73-121C), stock is 192-250F (89-121C)
- VCM Scanner histogram for Boost VE table included in histogram library

1 bar Speed Density Enhanced

Applications: 1999+ Gen3 V8 (Most Operating Systems)

This enhancement is designed to aid in tuning vehicles operating in speed density mode (MAF-less). It includes a re-enabling of the dual spark table operation and also a TPS/RPM referenced VE table modifier feature designed in co-operation with some of the worlds leading LS1 speed density tuners. This new table is designed to assist in tuning of very large camshafts and intake designs that lose a lot of MAP resolution and/or have very narrow MAP dynamic range during idle and cruise transitions. It allows for traditional SD tuning methods, Alpha-N (TPS vs. RPM) methods or a mix of both to achieve the optimum tuning result. Another feature of the Speed Density Enhanced option is the lesser resolution secondary VE table is not used when in speed density mode.

The 1bar Speed Density Enhanced option includes:

- Speed Density mode only
- Dual (High and Low Octane) Spark table support
- new VE Multiplier vs. TPS vs. RPM table, with non-linear TPS resolution and RPM resolution
- Secondary VE table not used (if applicable)

1 bar Speed Density Enhanced in action...
Here's an example of the advanced capabilities of the 1bar Speed Density Enhanced option in use on a large camshaft naturally aspirated stroker engine fitted with an 8 throttle body intake (courtesy Sam's Performance). This engine exhibits the classic symptom of a large duration (270+), sub 108 lobe center camshaft: low idle vacuum. It also shows erratic and fast moving MAP readings, where just 2-3% throttle application results in MAP heading over 80kPa even at substantial engine speeds. This results in similar zones of the VE table being hit under different driving conditions and also gives very little tuning freedom for fueling in the available MAP ranges. This is where the new VE Multiplier table plays an important role. The new VE Multiplier table adds throttle position as a new dimension to tuning these engines. You can now adjust the VE table result at different TPS and RPM conditions and therefore eliminate troublesome fueling issues.

"With this feature from HP Tuners I can make even the wildest naturally aspirated engines behave on the street. Fueling issues that create drivability and idle quality compromises are definitely a thing of the past." - Sam (owner Sam's Performance, Sydney, Australia)


Single Vehicle:2 Credits
Unlimited Vehicle Group:20 Credits

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