The Tuning School Dodge Beginners HP Tuners Course


This Dodge course covers 2006 to present Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep / RAM platforms using VCM Suite. Learn how to tune and understand the Dodge computer, logic systems and the Dodge Artificial Neural Network.

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Dodge Beginners Course
Artificial Neural Network

Course Overview
This course covers a wide variety of topics, all of which will allow you to understand the Dodge computer and logic systems. These are very different from the systems used by other auto manufacturers, including Ford, GM, etc. You will also will learn how to tune startup, idle, part throttle and full throttle for bolt-on, heads/cam and forced induction HEMI powered vehicles from 2006 to present. Factory forced induction excluded (this is covered in our Hellcat course).

Like all courses offered by The Tuning School, this course is available online, in-person, or at home using printed materials. Whatever method you choose, you will learn the same information.
Some of the main course topics are listed below;


  • How to change the injector size


  • How to modify the MDS (Displacement on demand)

Engine Size

  • Updating the engine size for larger bore

Idle & Startup

  • How to fix idle stability and adjust startup parameters

Airflow and Torque

  • Adjusting airflow limiters and torque management

Fuel and Spark

  • Learn how to adjust fueling and spark advance/retard

Variable Cam

  • Learn about variable cam angle tuning


  • Learn how to use the scanner for diagnostics and monitoring engine performance

FAR: Fuel to Air Ratio

  • Understanding the fuel to air ratio system used by Dodge

Artificial Neural Network

  • Learn about the Artificial Neural Network, the limits of when you can retain the use of it and when it’s time to move to speed-density; as well as and the process for tuning Speed Density (N/A, 2 & 3 bar SD) as well