Dodge PCM Modification Service


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PCM Modification Service
HP Tuners presents our Dodge, Chrysler, RAM and Jeep PCM Modification Service that unlocks the 2015+ PCMs for tuning. The cost is $249 and can be purchased through the Order Page at the bottom of the page.

Please also note the following process that is required to tune your 2015-2018 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM (ALL MODELS, except the 2015+ Dodge Viper).

Once ordered, you can send either an original PCM or a spare. The spare has to be compatible PCM.

The address to ship the PCM to for modification is:L5P ECM

HP Tuners, LLC
701 Dartmouth Ln
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Modification Requirements
When you send in the PCM, you MUST include the following:

  1. Stock Read of the PCM (Please attach above or create a support ticket here using your ORDER NUMBER in the ticket’s subject)
  2. Customer Name
  3. Customer Address
  4. Customer Contact Information (E-mail/Phone)
  5. PCM Modification Service Order #
  6. MPVI Serial Number (if ordering an MPVI with the service, enter order number)
  7. Whether or not the PCM is the original from the car or a blank/un-flashed replacement.
  8. Vehicle Information (Year/Make/Model)
  9. Preferred UPS shipping method2

As of 12/21/2015, ALL 2015-2018 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM PCMs that are sent in for modification must have a stock read performed before it is shipped to us. This read must be emailed to Please reference the PCM Modification Service Order Number in the email. See the following thread for more details: NOTICE: 2015-2016 Dodge PCM Modification Process Minor Revision

NOTE: If you are sending us a spare PCM, please make sure to send a read from the stock PCM. While we can unlock it as a blank PCM without a read, you would have to flash the correct OS/VIN onto the PCM as well as most likely do a throttle re-learn and/or SKIM re-learn. If you can supply a stock read, we can flash the PCM here. The stock read must be done as a GPEC2A, 2015+ Dodge or a GPEC2, 2015+ Dodge (depending on which PCM the vehicle is equipped with. Please see the Dodge PCM Identification Thread if you are unsure which PCM you have). If you do not have access to perform the read, please download the latest update from your customer page and try again.

After the PCM arrives at HPT, an HP Tuners engineer will modify the PCM and enable your HP Tuners software so that the 2015 can then be read, licensed, edited, and flashed with HP Tuners software! This is a one-time modification that will not affect other operations of the PCM. The factory tools will still work for service. And HP Tuners will then work for tuning!

NOTE: While there is no hardware modification, the back cover of the PCM does need to be removed.

We will modify PCMs as fast as we can, but initially, please leave 1 – 2 business days (plus the time to ship the PCM) per PCM that you send in for the modification process to finish. (i.e. 2 PCMs = 2-4 business days.)

From there, you may tune the PCM with HP Tuners by licensing the PCM for 2 credits.

Should you have any further questions, please email

NOTE: Any hardware ordered with this product will be shipped along with your modified PCM/TCM. To avoid delays please order the hardware separately.