Interface Upgrade – MPVI2 to MPVI2+


Due to supply chain challenges, device upgrades are not currently available.

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Interface Upgrade MPVI2 to MPVI2+
HP Tuners presents our MPVI2+ Upgrade Service, allowing you to upgrade your existing MPVI2 Standard or MPVI2 Pro interface to the latest MPVI2+ interface hardware.

Please note you must add your MPVI2 Standard or Pro device to your My Account / My Devices page HERE first to upgrade.

Upgrade Process

  1. Backup your MPVI2 Pro or Standard interface licenses online by choosing Help -> Resync Interface, from VCM Editor
  2. Login to your HP Tuners account My Devices menu and select Upgrade with the MPVI2 you wish to upgrade
  3. Complete your order
  4. Ship your MPVI2 Pro or Standard interface to the address below and include your order number on the outside of the box

The address to ship the MPVI2 Pro or Standard for the interface upgrade is:

HP Tuners LLC
RE: Interface Upgrade
700 Eastwood Ln
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


  • Please allow at least 3 business days for the transfer to be completed and your new interface to be shipped back to you.
  • Old Interface will not be shipped back.

Benefits of the MPVI2+

  • Upgraded screw-on 4-pin M8 connector
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology (enabling support for select iOS and Android applications)
  • 12x faster USB-C connection and an all new RGB LED for device status.
  • New vehicle support including Audi, VW, Ford EECV, GM L5P Diesel, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota.
  • Support for Universal Credits (no more GM, Ford, Dodge specific credits).
  • Online licensing (no need to insure your MPVI2+ for cost of licenses).
  • Direct molded OBD2 connector.
  • Optional OBD2 extension cables.
  • HPT file Edit and Save without license.
  • Bluetooth connection.
  • Pro Feature Set (software license upgrade).
  • Standalone Data Logging (requires PFS).

Upgrading from MPVI2 Standard

  • MPVI2+ includes all the functionality of the MPVI2 Standard interface
  • Additional features as described above
  • MPVI2 Standard to MPVI2+ upgrade customers can purchase the Pro Feature at any time set once it becomes available

Upgrading from MPVI2 Pro

  • All customers upgrading from MPVI2 Pro to MPVI2+ will receive the Pro Feature set free of charge (required for expansion devices)

The MPVI2 Pro or Standard interface must be fully functional to be eligible for upgrade. HP Tuners reserves the right to refuse any interface upgrade.