Scan Menu


Whenever you wish to collect data from the vehicle you will need to scan it. You can use the space bar to start and stop scanning or you can use the play and stop buttons on the tool bar.
After you have finished scanning, your scanned data will be displayed in the VCM Scanner as an unsaved log file. If you wish to view this data at a later date you will need to select 'Save Data As' found under the Scan menu.

The table display plays a very important part of VCM Scanner. Please also read the Table Display Help as well to better understand how the scanner engine works.

You will be able to scan all vehicles HP Tuners supports with your software. You are not limited to only the vehicles that you have purchased support for.

VCM Scanner supports a scan session of up to 65,535 frames, or about 100 minutes of log data depending on how many parameters you are scanning. Look at the Table Display Help for more information.


Space Bar Start and stop scanning

Log Files

Log files, or .hpl files, are files that have saved frame data as well as comments and markers from a previous scan session. You can save your log files for future reference, or to share with others.

Comments and Markers

During the scanning process you can use the 'C' and 'M' keys to insert Comments and Markers.
When the 'M' key is pressed, a marker will automatically be inserted into your scan without any prompt.
When the 'C' key is pressed, a dialog will pop up prompting you to enter in the comment. The scanner will continue to scan while you enter in your comment.

At the end of your scan session, you can modify the comments and marker descriptions in the Comments and Markers window. This is also where you can give your log file a description and enter in log notes.
You can also right click the lower table for Insert and Delete functionality or you can use the 'Insert' or 'Delete' keys on your keyboard.
To modify the comments description, double click the cell for that frame under the Description column.


C Insert a comment at the current frame
M Insert a marker at the current frame

Export Data

After you have finished scanning or after you have opened up an existing .hpl VCM Scanner log file, you have the option to export it as a comma delimited .csv file. You can open a .csv file with notepad, WordPad, or Microsoft Excel. Exporting to a .csv file is convenient if you wish to share your log file with those that do not have HP Tuners. To share your log file with those that do have HP Tuners, all you need to send them is the .hpl file and they will be able to open up the log file in their own version of HP Tuners VCM Scanner.