Selecting the RTTâ„¢ Mode

Due to the limited amount of space in the vehicle control module's memory, it can only maintain a few tables in RAM at one time.

VCM Suite gets around this obstacle by giving you modes of operation to choose from. Each mode loads a set of tables that allows you to accomplish one major task, like idle or VE tuning.

To select the RTT mode you wish to use:

1. In VCM Editor, open the tune file to which you applied the RTT OS Mod.
2. In either the tab navigation interface or Parameter Navigator, select Engine > General.
3. Use the Real Time Mode dropdown to select the mode you want.

NOTE: The modes are named for the tuning task they are meant to be used for.

4. Write the calibration to the vehicle (write calibration only).

NOTE: If you do not select a mode other than Disabled, the RTT icon will not be displayed in VCM Scanner's toolbar.