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Thread: AFX wideband???

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    AFX wideband???

    Guys well i was going to wideband a friends car when i plug it it says SEN 1

    That means that i need a new o2 sensor??

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    it says, that it either is not attached,
    the wiring is bad,
    or the sensor is bad.

    good luck, i hope this helps. this link shows the instructions and at the bottom will verify what i have stated. these are the same instructions that should have came with the afx. well they did with mine anyways.
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    Locally Autozone has them for $91 plus tax.

    Since the guys behind the counter are normally clueless to get a part by part number and can only find it by year make model, ask for a front O2 sensor for a 2005 honda accord EX V6


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    Autozone gives a warranty on it for a year too I believe!
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