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Thread: Help with engine codes PO300 PO154 P0134

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    Help with engine codes PO300 PO154 P0134

    I am getting a couple of codes are these tune related or mechanical? I changed the plugs and wires from cylinder # 2 to Cylinder # 4 and the miss moved to that cylinder, I seem to be getting a bit of miss on all cylinders, so I will install a new set of plugs tomorrow, there was only 13, 292 kms on this engine! The engine ran fine with no codes, with the stock computer, intake, exhaust etc.., I ran it before I pulled it out of the van.

    Vehicle is a 2004 Chevrolet Colorado
    Engine is a 07 GMC LR4 4.8L out of a 2500 savana van. Mods:

    -06 SSR E40 PCM, throttle body, Mass air flow sensor, gas pedal
    -06 GTO LS2 intake, fuel rails, EVAP soliniod
    -06 trailblazer OBX long tube 1 3/4" Stainless headers and high flow cats
    -flow-master 40 series muffler
    -06 4.8L fullsize chevy pickup, ebay cold air intake
    -Fuel injector connection top hat spacers, 1/4" fuel rail spacers, Orange injector bottom o rings, black plastic tip removed from stock truck 28 lb/hr injectors
    -04 corvette fuel filter/regulator
    -CBM motor sports flashed the PCM with a 06 SSR manual base tune, using TIS, and swapped in the 4.8L injector tables for me, I changed the displacement, to the proper setting for a 4.8L, they also sold be a bunch of connectors and such.. I highly recommend them, great place to get HP tuners from as well!

    Here are the codes I am getting:

    P0315 case learn
    P0134 02 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank I Sensor 1)
    P0154 02 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 2 Sensor 1)
    P0300 random miss fire

    My main concern is the no activity from the O2 sensors, and the large amount of water and soot coming from the exhaust???

    How does the tune look? I have two logs one of it idling and an other of me driving around. I also included my .cfg file so you can see it like I am. Any help would be greatly aprecated!
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    Ok I moved the plug from cylinder 4 two cly. 2 and replaced the one in # 2, my miss and PO300 went away, now P0300 is back again... replace all the plugs? Maybe it is all a little of because I need to do a case learn? At least the check engine light isn't flashing as the miss count is a lot lower!!

    I also replaced both pre cat sensors with 06 SSR ones, and wired them in correctly, that the vehicle harness, not at the O2 sensor.. never cut the wires on the sensor, this is how it gets it's air.. or so I have heard! Anyway still get codes P0154, P0134. If I wait till after it is in open loop and clear the codes than it seems to not set any O2 related codes WTF?? Is the time that it takes to warm up need to be extended, or the heater circuit somehow left on longer? Is this because the stain-lees long tube headers take longer to heat up.. over cast iron??

    -first log after SSR O2 sensor install I cleared the codes while it was running half way through, that's why the pause and stumble

    - second log after idling and driving around a bit

    - third log more idling short term fuel trims zero, this is good right? But long term trims are way out!!