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Thread: How to reset Brake codes (C0055)

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    How to reset Brake codes (C0055)


    I've got the latest HPTuners build, and I'm wondering how I can reset a C0055 code... Can HPTuners do this? If not, how else can I reset brake codes?

    Also... Just FYI that code is incorrectly identified as "Steering Wheel Position Sensor Signal D"... Everything I find on the net about that code says its a "Rear Wheel Speed Circuit Malfunction". That makes sense, since I'm scanning a '99 z28 that doesn't have any steering wheel position sensors that I know of. :-)

    Related... I know it doesn't do it today, but can HPTuners technically write any abs parameters / control tables / whatever? I'd love to disable ice-mode completely in this car (used for competition use only). I wasn't sure if this was impossible to program at all, or if HPTuners just doesn't allow it due to liability.

    If its just liability, I'll be happy to sign anything you want saying its my own risk, used off road only, etc. etc.


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    I am pretty sure you are limited any to ECM and TCM controls. All the body and brake stuff will have to be done with some type of scan tool. I am sure your local deal could get you in the right direction.

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    Rip the entire ABS controller and pump unit out and save the weight.