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Thread: Understanding where to start off

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    Understanding where to start off

    I am tuning for my first time and and pretty confused on where to start at. From some of the threads i've been reading, it sounds like i should start of by tuning my injectors and then do some idle tuning before anything else is done. Is this correct? Also, how do I go about doing so? Basically what i know so far is how to open the "injector flow rate VS kpa vac" table. How do i know what values go into the table at various vacuum points?

    Car specifics:
    2006 Cobalt sssc
    42lb injectors
    catback exhaust
    cold air intake
    long tune headers

    Any help would be appreciated alot!

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    Best thing you can do is get the DVD by Greg Banish. A little sticker shock but will do more for you then any thing else. The forums are great when you run into something that really needs expert advise but not a lot of people want to share the knowledge that took years to aquire. Just got my DVD yesterday and already want to take the tuning class he offers. It walks you through step by step everything you need to know for all the basic tuning. Get it, you will not regret the spending.

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    I too just got my program. What a kick to the balls? I'm sure it will be worth it once I figure it out a little more but literally mind blowing. The calibrated success youtube channel has been a big help also.