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Thread: New forged engine and 88 mm turbo - Need Input

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    New forged engine and 88 mm turbo - Need Input

    2006 Gen III avalanche replaced LS6 engine and roots blower with a new forged 390 LS2 block, 232/232 cl 113 cam, 88 mm turbo, Mast LS3 heads, L76 intake, 2 bar map, ls3 tb, ID1000 injectors, 258 mm TC, all billet 4L65e, and other odds & ends. The engine wants to run and sounds good above 1200 rpm but not so much below that. I have been playing with VE, RAF, and spark tables so far along with experimenting in the scanner. Constructive criticism much appreciated.
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    2010 Avalanche 4WD; AES 390; Mast LS3 heads; VVT Cam; ported TVS2300; Overdrive 8 rib pulleys; 2.7 snout pulley; ID1000; LS3 TB; WB 450; Twin MM cans; built 6L80; CircleD Triple Disk, CSR flexplate; Trucool 40K; Aeroforce Dual; AFX